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Spruce up, Repair and Beautify those dull grey concrete interiors and exteriors with our Concrete Polishing and Staining Services

  • Perfect Process from Start to Finish

  • Beautiful and Limitless Design Choices

  • Interior, Exterior, Commercial and Industrial, We've got options for all your needs

  • Easy To Clean With the Longest Lifetime

  • Anti-slip, Anti-stain, Anti-Odor Floors

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Our Services

Spruce up your home or business. With our beautiful Stained and Polished floors!

Polished Concrete

Get a cost effective floor that holds up well in any environment, using your existing concrete.

Stained & Scored Concrete

The option to stain and score gives our customers the ability to get the perfect look. With many color and layout options, there are infinite ways to make your dream floor. 

Polished & Stained Overlays

Need a more stand-out and custom look on your floors? Look no further than our custom overlays. We can even work on any logo or design and stain it on your brand new floors.

Commercial Flooring

From concrete floor prep, and polishing to staining, we're ready to help you get a beautiful floor that'll hold up to heavy wearing for years to come.

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Why Choose Us

Perfect Applications.

Outstanding Customer Service.

  • Annually Trained and Certified Employees

  • Innovative & Limitless Colors

  • Highest Quality Services Available on the Market

  • Industry Leading and One-of-a-Kind Process

  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Locally Owned and Trusted Family Business

How It Works

You Are Just Steps Away From Having A Completely Transformed Home Or Business!

Step 1


One of our team members will meet with you personally to discuss your project. They will inspect the condition of your flooring, and determine what systems will work best for your concrete.

Step 2


Once you decide to move forward we will schedule your project at the best available date and time that works for you. We will prep your floors then begin the polishing or staining process.

Step 3


Upon completion of your flooring, we will walk you through all the best practices for cleaning your polished or stained concrete floors as well as answer any questions you may have! You can then ENJOY your AMAZING floors!

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Fully trained staff is available for on-site consultation and services. If you're looking for a beautiful flooring that will last, we have just what you need. Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use so your floors stay in top condition after the job. We offer a variety of different styles and colors so no matter what type of flooring you want to have we can help.

Having the right process

in place for every aspect of

our business is what makes

us who we are.

From answering phones in the office to shaking our customer’s hand after they give the thumbs up wrapping up a project, we have a specific process in place to ensure quality is NEVER sacrificed.

Where We Service

We Serve Nashville TN and Surrounding Areas

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EVERY job is done right and our customers are 100% Satisfied.

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Whether you're considering having that dull concrete floor polished or stained or need that old cracked and bare floor resurfaced. Unique-Crete Designs has the expertise to get your vision of a dream floor realized. With our team of highly trained industry veterans, endless design options and attention to detail. We are confident we will be able to deliver you your dream floors.

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